Friday, 28 November 2014

Bridesmaid and Pageboy review

A couple of days ago, I noticed on the Sylvanian Families Shop Facebook page that the Sylvanian Shop in London has the vintage Bridesmaid and Pageboy set in stock!!! I ordered them yesterday and they have arrived today. Here is what the box looked like:
And when I opened the box up, I could see lots of bubble wrap.
Here they are in the sealed packet they were in:
They're adorable!
Pippa Brighteyes is the first Brighteyes rabbit I have gotten with both ears straight.

She has a lovely outfit.
Peter Honeypot has a nice waistcoat and bow tie.
Here is a look at the back:
They are a perfect addition to any Sylvanian collection so I suggest picking one up while stock lasts. Thanks for reading:)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The winter circus

One winter afternoon, Juniper Moss came running along shouting "CIRCUS! CIRCUS EVERYBODY, CIRCUS!"
 "Where, where?" asked Alexandria Bamboo. "Over in the field next to Highfields Farm!"
Everybody rushed to the bus stop outside the watermill bakery.
A bus arrived and everybody crowded on.
Some Sylvanians had to wait for the next bus to come. It was quite a short bus journey. You could see the red and white striped tent all the way from the other side of Sylvania!
When they arrived, they bought tickets from Betty Hazelwood and sat down wherever in the tent they wanted.

The big top was full of excited Sylvanians.
Suddenly, all of the lights went out and funny music began to play.

Then lights went on round an arch in which velvety red curtains were hanging.
Out from the curtains stepped none other than Quacky Webster, Mr Webster the milkman's brother.
Everybody clapped. "I would like to thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming tonight. I would also like to introduce you to Dobbin, the performing horse!" he quacked. A beautiful cream coloured horse with black socks strode into the ring.
Quacky sat on top of Dobbin when Dobbin went up on his hind legs and neighed!
It was fabulous! He trotted round the ring whilst jumping over hurdles.
Dobbin trotted out of the ring when the lights went out again. Several minutes later, the ring lit up again to reveal a tight rope. Then the spotlight shone on Judith Bassett, who was wearing a sparkly blue leotard.
"And now, for the main attraction, JUDITH BASSETT THE ACROBATIC DOG!!" boomed Quacky. A huge applause came from the audience who, were so amazed their fur could fall of.
Judith climbed up a ladder and stood on an elevated platform.
She sat on a saddle and pedalled herself to the middle of the rope. Everybody cheered loudly.
She kept on pedalling until she reached the other side of the rope. Judith was amazing!
Once again the lights went out and this time, when the lights turned back on, Judith was standing on a different platform and was holding a rope.
She swung over to the other side and climbed down.

Underneath her an obstacle course was set up.
Judith stood on a box and jumped onto some steps.
She leaped onto a rolling cylinder and rolled around the ring.
There was so much fun going on that evening.
"Thank you ever so much for coming and I hope you enjoyed the show!" s
aid Quacky. Everybody left the tent that night humming the funny tune.
Quacky was exhausted so he went straight to his trailer.
He was asleep in seconds.

The end.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Coming soon

Coming 2014-2015:)

Pettyfur family profile

Father Peter

Peter Pettyfur runs the Forest Club, which is a club he made up to help preserve the Sylvanian Woods. He is always very cheery and likes a nice warm coffee. He also loves eating cake!

Mother Penny 

Penny Pettyfur is famous for her soft, light, Victoria Sponge cake. She makes all kinds of flavoured sponges like mint, chocolate, orange and raspberry with all flavours of toppings and sometimes with flakes on top!

Brother Andrew

Andrew Pettyfur, like his dad, also loves cakes. Andrew delivers the cakes on a white and pink-dotted bicycle. He finds it very hard not to eat the cakes he's delivering!

Sister Nicola 

Nicola Pettyfur helps her mum in the kitchen. She also makes biscuits to sell. Nicola likes shopping in the dress shop with her friends for new bags.

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Winter circus news

Hi, sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been extremely busy with getting all the things ready for The winter circus. It is the first of my winter stories including A merry Christmas from Hazelnut Ho-Ho-Hollow (my Christmas special).Here is a little sneak peek of the winter circus:

Thanks for reading:)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Post Office Review

Today I have decided to review the post office because it was next on my list of posts to do.
I got the post office secondhand off eBay. It was complete apart from the cardboard plates that stick onto the roof although it looks perfectly normal without them. It came with the box and also came with an extra piece of flooring which wasn't even meant to come with it!
The odd thing is, it came with a tiny,tiny little ceramic cat which I thought must have accidentally fallen in when the seller was wrapping it up. I contacted the seller to say that this cat had accidentally fallen in. But when the seller replied, he said that it came with the post office and was meant to sit on the doorstep. Which is totally wrong, because first, you wouldn't have a mouse with a pet cat, it is made of a fragile material, AND, THERE ISN'T EVEN A DOORSTEP FOR IT TO SIT ON! However, it is actually quite cute.
It comes with Postman Sam Meadows, who is my first Meadows mouse.
Unfortunately, half way through I was taking photos for Post Office Pandemonium, one of his buttons fell off!
I love his tail and his hat is removable.
The office comes with a post box which it completely different and soooooo much better than the post box that came with the bicycle and Postman Pete.
Here is a look at the two side by side. The one that comes with the Post Office is the one on the right.
Here is everything that is included: 

There are tons of letters and postcards. 

                          Thank you for reading and come back later for The Winter Circus!