Friday, 20 March 2015


Today is the 30th anniversary of Sylvanian Families. Of course, the 30th anniversary of SF is not the only exciting thing happening today. Today there was a SOLAR ECLIPSE ! 

On The Sylvanian Families Shop, London Facebook page, lots of fans are sending in photos of old original TOMY sets. I have some TOMY sets; Mr Webster the milkman, Captain's Crew, Chestnut Racoon baby girl and boy, The Waddlington duck family, Bullrush frog mum, dad and baby boy, a cassette, a set of cooking utensils and Margot Marmalade the bear mother. Here are some images:

Happy birthday for Sylvanian Families!! Hip hip hooraaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Have a Marvellous Mother's Day!!!

Rowena Moss is a very busy mother. She and her husband run the pizza stand in the market square. 

Her two eldest children, Juniper and Buck Moss, were thinking of what to do to give her a great Mother's Day. It suddenly came to Juniper in the middle of the night. She crept into Buck's room and woke him up. Then they both crept back into Juniper's room where, under the covers of Juniper's bed, the put on their torches and made their plans...

The next day, while Rowena was at the pizza stand, Buck got on the phone to Emma Furbanks and Victoria Truffle. Meanwhile, Juniper went to the Dress Shop to speak to Heidi McBurrows. Everybody met up. "Here's what we'll do..." they all whispered.

Rowena had finished at the pizza stand for the day and was walking home, unaware that she wad being followed...

Emma Furbanks took off her shoe and placed it on the ground...

...and deliberately tripped over it! "Oh!!!", cried Rowena.

"Are you OK?????", Rowena asked. "Argghh," moaned Emma. Rowena helped her up. "My back is aching!", said Emma. She pretended to rub her back but she secretly gestured to Victoria Truffle to come out of her hiding place.

"Oh, hello Emma! Oohhh, and Rowena too! I've just come back from the dress shop; I bought a dress for Molly," said Victoria, giving a secret wink to Emma.

"I just remembered!, I need to pick up a dress I ordered yesterday!!" shouted Emma. "I'll come with 
you ," said Rowena. "Let's go then!"

As they arrived at the Dress Shop, Rowena swore she saw the big wedding dress move. As Rowena came in, she jumped as... "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!" laughed Buck and Juniper. 

The children treated Rowena to anything she wanted in the shop, and she chose a red dress.

Then they took her to have a cake at John Lewis'.

It was the best Mother's Day ever!!!!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Happy Red Nose Day/comic relief day!-make your face funny for money special!

Hi, finally back. I have been preparing for this post for quite a long time now and they day has finally arrived. Now, I know most of my followers do not live in the United Kindom but over here we have a special day called Red Nose Day. It is where you put on a red nose...

Of which you can buy many variants of. It fits onto your nose and is made of a rubber so you do not suffocate. Your nose fits in the slit on the back. Each nose costs £1.00 and most of that money goes to comic relief. Comic relief is a charity and the money goes to people all across the world who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

This happens every 2 years and this year there are 9 different noses. They all have names; Nosebot
 ( pictured above ), Snorbit, Snout Dracula, Astro-snort, Snotty Professor, Stripey, Karate-konk, Snortel
and Supernose. But it's not just the UK that has Red Nose Day, Sylvania has it as well!

The Sylvanians had a marathon, to raise money. Everybody joined in! 

But best of all, Mikaela Renard and Andrea Osborne gave up their spare time to go round with buckets asking for money for Red Nose Day. Please support Comic Relief as it is for a very good cause.

Make your face funny for money for 2015 Red Nose Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!