Wednesday, 3 June 2015


The first of June is my birthday, and as I started my blog on the first of June it was my blog's birthday also! Here are a few presents I received:  (I have another one still to open that is much larger)

Yes, my favourite family, the McWalkies SEALED MINT IN BOX!!!  I can't believe it!!! I'll do a profile another time. Here are the family all together:

I also got the Billabong koala twin babies:

And, all the way from Australia:

The Outback koala family!!
Thanks for supporting and commenting for A YEAR!! And if you are wondering what age I now am, I am 21;)


  1. Happy belated Birthday!!! :) Already a year? Wow, time flies! The presents you received are gorgeous. Love especially the Outback koala family!

    1. Yep, it's actually MORE than a year now!

  2. Awesome gifts! I love the Koalas :)