Friday, 3 April 2015

The Easter Egg Hunt


"Ggggrrrrrrrrr, gggggrrrrrr, ggggrrrrrr," it said. You see, PC Bobby Roberts, the policeman, spends most of his time eating and sleeping. He does these things because there is nothing else to do as there is no crime in Sylvania. So in this story, you will see him eat AND sleep. Aristotle and Arabella Treefellow, the teachers at St. John's School, held an Easter Egg Hunt for the pupils and toddlers. The went out to hide them in the middle of the night so nobody would know where they had hidden the eggs.  Now, our story begins...

"Ggggrrrrrr, ggggggrrrrr, ggggrrrrrrrr," PC Bobby Roberts' stomach said again. He was very hungry because he had only had 5 jam sandwiches, instead of the usual 8. Then he suddenly noticed a chocolate egg wrapped in golden foil behind the bench. He tore off the foil and ate the chocolate. It was very yummy!

He continued his daily rounds round Hazelnut Hollow only to find a chocolate egg with blue foil.

He looked around to see if anybody was watching. But nobody was there so he took off the foil and ate the chocolate. No sooner had finished eating the second egg he found a THIRD egg!  Not noticing the four eyes watching and following him... He ate it!

Several minutes later, he found another egg behind the Fish and Chips van! I bet you can all guess what he did to that one!

He kept finding and eating them, finding and eating them! In the end he had eaten sooooo many eggs he fell asleep. All that was left of the eggs were the wrappers. 

"Oh No!" cried the children. "He's eaten all of the eggs!" "Not all of them..." said a pair of voices from behind them.

It was Aristotle and Arabella Treefellow with a giant egg!  "We were watching PC Bobby Roberts the whole time!" Arabella said. "He didn't find all of the eggs!!" And with that they opened up the egg...

And lots of mini chocolate eggs came flowing out! And for years to come, PC Bobby Roberts would never know! 

The End


  1. This was probably one of the most fun stories I have made. I got to EAT the eggs once I had taken the photo!!!

  2. I loved this srory! So funny and sweet :D Bobby sounds hilarious! XD

  3. :D that was so funny! I loved the part about the sandwiches. Bobby has a great life - no crime, just eating and sleeping :D

    1. I wish my life was just spent eating and sleeping:(

  4. He was very hungry :) He ate all chocolate eggs :( Cool story :)