Saturday, 21 June 2014

Terror in the tunnels part I

One evening in the Dress shop,
Pettyfur guinea pigs were leaving.
They were the last customers of the day. Everybody has gone home and the McBurrows are the only people left in the village. " all we need to do now is to move this crate of dresses outside the door
and tidy up the table.
Meanwhile, in the McBurrows tunnels,
Digger and Muddy were collecting stones.
"well done," said Digger."that is a great amount.
""daddy,I know where there are millions of stones," said Muddy." There's tons just here," said Muddy as he turned round a corner.
But just as Digger came round the corner, he realised that there were two tunnels.
He had no idea which one to choose. Unfortunately, Digger went in the wrong direction.
They both found themselves in a particular part of the tunnels that could collapse easly. "Muddy!!" Shouted Digger. But as soon as he said that, he immediately regretted that, for as he said that the ceiling came down

and lower
until... Back at the dress shop, mrs McBurrows got a phone call.
It was P.C Bobby Roberts the policeman. " I am sorry but I'm afraid the tunnels collapsed whilst your husband and son were still inside them. You have to come here because I can't dig them out and I can't come to you because they might  come out whilst I'm away. Come as soon as possible," said his voice from the phone. " let's hurry quick!!" said a concerned mrs McBurrows. As she tried to open the door, she realised that the crate of dresses was outside blocking the way.
She pushed with all her might but she couldn't get it open.
Molly said " it's ok, everything will be fine," but as Molly said that Mrs McBurrows had that sinking felling that nothing was going to be 'ok.' She couldn't get to them, they couldn't get to them and nobody was around.
The more mrs McBurrows thought about it, the more she didn't think it would be ' ok'...

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Coming soon:

Stay tuned for the next exciting story starring the McBurrows mole family: terror in the tunnels!!! 

The hunt part II

..."Where's Joey? "Asked a worried and confused mrs Springer. "He must have run off. Quick,let's find him," said her husband soothingly. First they went to the blackcurrant café,
then they went to the village store,
the seaside restaurant,
country market,
The dry cleaner's,
Betty's toy box,
the pizza parlour,
the dress shop,
the village flower stall,
peppermint chocolate's pop-up shop and,

The beach.They thought he might have gone to his friends in the school.
They then went to see Dolly Dale and Elsie Buttercup.
They hadn't seen him either but they gave them free candy floss and ice cream.
Just as mrs springer was about to collapse in a heap, a kind voice from behind them said " hello, I have something for you," it was mr blackberry.
"he must have hidden in here when you weren't looking," he continued.
Mr blackberry opened up his back seat.
There, lying in a heap of fruit, was none other than Joey springer!!
"JOEY!" Exclaimed the Springers. " well at least we got something!" Said Sheila." what?" Asked Joanne. " we got free desserts!!" Laughed Sheila.
The end. 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Betty's toy box review

Hi everybody, I am glad to be reviewing Betty's toy box today. First lets have a look at Betty herself.
She is a hazelwood brown mouse and is very cute.
The material used for her dress has been used for the cottontail rabbit mother's dress, the waters beaver mother's dress, the bramble hedgehog mother's dress and probably many more although it is a very nice material and along with her cute bow  and brown tail she is one of my favorite figures. She also completes my hazelwood mouse family.
Here are some different angles:
Here are all the accessories and components.
Unfortunately this set is no longer being made but I still recommend this set to any fan. 

Thanks for reading!!!

Friday, 13 June 2014

The hunt part I

One lovely warm day, the Springers were going into town when the mayors, Wanda and Bill waddlington where on the top floor!!
Joey had fallen asleep in his mother's pouch. The Springers were getting off at the same stop as the waddlingtons. "Come on children," Bill grumbled.
" Let's get the buggy and then we can go shopping".
The Springers where going shopping also.
" Ahh! cousin, could we have some milk please?" Asked Wanda.
" why, of course you can. Free of charge," said mr webster the milkman.
At that very moment, the Springers were buying some vegetables from mr blackberry when mother Sheila tripped over and landed in mrs waddlington!!

Bottles of milk went all over the place and the Springers and the waddlingtons both tried to pick them up and luckily they were not damaged.
Poor mrs Springer felt like a laughing stock and apologised to the waddlingtons straight away. " it's okay, accedents happen," said Wanda.
She was about to ask" Are you okay Joey," when she stopped right in her tracks. Joey had gone...

To be continued . . .