Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A review of something I've already reviewed

The reason I have not posted for ages was because I was on holiday. I went to London, and did many things, including going to Hampton Court Palace. Hollie and Rusty Wildwood came with me.

But if you follow my blog, then you will know that before I went on holiday, I didn't have the Wildwood rabbit family; 

 so let's see if you can guess where I went first on my holiday........

The Sylvanian Families Shop, 68 Mountgrove road, is an Aladdin's cave of old, rare, common and new Sylvanian products. Both times I have been there, Rocky Babblebrook and Belinda Brighteyes have been there. They are so kind and helpful and are the perfect people for the job.

The shop has now started to stock a range called the dolls house boutique. I got some tiny little packets, which are very finely detailed. Here they are now...

I also got other things:

And best of all, one of my top five favourite sets, The Hamburger Wagon with Mr Doughty the dog!

I am currently refurbishing Hazelnut Hollow so I'll probably do some posts showing the progress;)


  1. My goodness! You are so lucky! I'm liking the look of this new range :)

  2. Wow, you've got lots of fantastic new things! Congratulations! The dollhouse boutique articles are so cute - I especially love the cupboard with the sweet jars :)

    1. I love the sweet jars too! One is filled with candy canes, the next is pink flower biscuit things and the last one is filled with hundreds and thousands. They make my mouth water:)