Sunday, 13 March 2016

I am sorry to say that Hazelnut Hollow will not be staying for much longer. Of course I will do some Xmas and Easter stories but that's about it. I will do one last story befor HH goes but for now, 
goodbye 😪

Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year!

It's new year and the village store has just started it's January sales!

Just look at the queues! Poor Mrs DeBurg, stuck at the end of the queue.

What are you doing this New Year ???

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Hazelnut Hollow Christmas!!

It was one mysterious Christmas Eve.........            And through the dark , mysterious and foggy night, a mysterious shadow moves across the land mysteriously...

It looks like a mysterious car with some mysterious ladders attached to it! But that would be silly;)   

Or would it!!!???

The mysterious figure mysteriously gets changed into the mysterious outfit of Santa himself...      


The mysterious figure was in fact...the one and only... PC Bobby Roberts!!!!!!

After seeing what the kids wanted on their letters to Santa, PC Bobby Roberts decided to dress up as Santa with a sack and go down their chimney with the presents.

"Phew, these ladders are heavy!" he said, carrying the ladders round to the front of the house.

He then climbed up the ladder to see if the kids were asleep.

"Night, night Byron, remember, Santa only comes if you are asleep!!!!" Beatrix said.

  PC Bobby Roberts crawled up the roof and held onto the chimney, clutching his sack.

He climbed into the chimney, but unfortunately he couldn't fit!!! He was stuck!

With all of his might he pulled and pulled and finally got out. Then, suddenly, the ladder fell down! 
  He was stranded on the roof!

"Help! Help! Please! I'm stuck!" he wailed. Byron woke up and looked out of the window and saw Santa shouting.

Byron rushed downstairs to get his parent's attention. "Mummy, Daddy! Santa is stuck on the roof!! We must help him!! Quickly!!" "Ok, Byron, Ok, Daddy and I are going to get our pyjamas on. I'm not saying that you are wrong or anything, but I can't help but think that maybe you are a bit too excited about Christmas," Beatrix said.

They woke up Bess and they all went outside.

"Goodness me Byron, you were right!!!" said Beatrix. "We must wait until help comes," said Benjamin.

PC Bobby Roberts weakly put the presents down the chimney.

Morning came quickly and out came Doris Columbus. "Merry Christmas!! Oh, is everything okay?" "No, not quite Miss, Santa is stuck on our roof," Bess said solemnly. "Merry Christmas," PC Bobby Roberts mumbled feebly. 

"Santa!!" Doris shouted, "jump from the roof to the canal boat!! Go on jump!!!   That's exactly what he did...

"Deary me, what's going on up here?" said Lawrence. "Santa has come on board!" Doris laughed!

"Merry Xmas kids, how about you get into your clothes and come onboard for a Christmas party!!"

Everybody went on and had a yummy Christmas lunch!!!!!

"Santa? What's that red thing in the water?" Bess asked.

"Well I jolly well don't believe it! It's my pair of glasses! They must have fallen of into the water last night!!!

They went of into the sunset and had the Merriest Christmas ever!!!


   THE END xxx

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Writing letters to Santa

It was one chilly but sunny morning and Mrs Underwood has just finished her weekly shop at the Village Store.

But her brother, PC Bobby Roberts, is watching her with the big cake she got as a surprise for the children. "I've only had three biscuits and a jam roly-poly today! I wouldn't mind a slice of cake at all!!!" the PC thought to himself.

Beatrix had only just gotten back home when she got a phone call.

"Uncle Roberts has just phoned to say he'll be round for dinner! He said he would bring some nice yummy treats for us to have," announced Beatrix. "Yaayyyyy! Uncle Roberts is coming!!!" the children cheered.

"Ding-dong!" went the doorbell. It was PC Bobby Roberts himself, wearing his smartest outfit and carrying a hamper load of stuff!

The children welcomed him in. 

Beatrix got the dining table set up while PC Bobby Roberts and Benjamin played with the kids.

They had dinner and chatted away!

"I have a brilliant idea!" PC Bobby Roberts said."We can write letters to Santa!!" Everybody thought it was a good idea. Benjamin looked out the pencils and paper. Byron, Bess and Hugh looked through the toy catalogue.

They sat with their Uncle Roberts and wrote the letters to Santa.

They gave them to Uncle Roberts.

 They watched the letters go up the chimney all the way to the North Pole. 

The letters swirled out of the chimney and up into the sky. 

But as PC Bobby Roberts sat in bed that night, he had an idea .............


Friday, 30 October 2015

Happy Hazelnut Hollow Hallowe'en

I don't think there is any word in the English language that can describe how sorry I am for not posting in months. Something happened that caused a shortage of time.

 Anyway, I knew something was going to happen, and so did Hazelnut Hollow...

All of Hazelnut Hollow was decorated in scary banners and decorations.

The McWalkies were having a spooky dinner before they out to Trick or Treat. 

It was a dark dark evening. Hazelnut Hollow could sense something was coming.  Something big. Something scary.  Something scarily big. 
Then, it arrived......

It was PC Bobby Roberts' stomach. "Happy Hallowe'en everybody!!" PC Bobby Roberts said, hastily taking a cupcake and gobbling it down. "It's the time of year for telling jokes and eating sweets & cakes!"  "Well, you've eaten your cakes and sweets, so where is your joke?" Mrs Merryweather said bitterly.

"All right, all right. Why didn't the skeleton go to the festival? Because he had no body to go with!" he said. Everybody laughed. "Good night kids, have a great Halloween!" And with that, he took another two cupcakes and left.

PC Bobby Roberts was sure he heard something coming from round the corner. He froze. He couldn't move. Standing in front of him were a group of spooky monsters!! He fell unconscious before he could even realise they were just trick or treaters! 

The End <|):>.   Xx

If you were out Trick or Treating then tell me what things you got!!

 That's all for now...

But stay tuned for a new detective mystery two-part story starring PC Bobby Roberts      -

       The Great Sylvanian Robbery!!!!!!

Friday, 21 August 2015

The Great Sylvanian Bake-Off Episode 5

It's the final of this year's Great Sylvanian Bake-Off, where finalists Juniper Moss, Lily Charcoal, Buck Moss and Heather Hazelwood will battle each other for the title of the "2015 Bake-Off champion". 

Let's go to the home of Buck and Juniper Moss...

"We wan' dem both to win!!!" say Juniper and Buck's baby brother and sister; Bonnie and Charlie.
"They have been working hard preparing their final bakes and I am sooo proud of them!!" Rowena Moss says.

" Although I'm not a big fan of cleaning up after them!"

   Next stop, Lily Charcoal's house! 

"Lily has been baking all the time, non stop! I'm so glad she's made it so far!" Says Lily's mum.

And finally, Heather Hazelwood's house!

"Heather has been working so hard!" Says Heather's dad. "Totally, we're so proud!" Her mum adds.

Judges Christopher Appleblossom and Mrs Patches are at the Babblebrook Bay Hotel. 
Let's join them...

"You are all here for one last time. We are not going to be the only judges today. Someone else is coming; Wisteria Wildwood," Christopher said. "In 1951, Wisteria won the first ever final of The Great Sylvanian Bake-Off," Mrs Patches said.

"She's coming now," Mrs Patches said, looking out of the window.

"Here she is now!" Christopher said. "Welcome Wisteria!"

"Today, we want you to make us... something BIG!," 

"I'm melting some butter and chocolate for my sauce," says Buck.

"Just putting in my meringues," Lily says.

"I'm mixing all my things together," Juniper says.

"In goes my cake!" Heather says.

"Your time is up in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and finally, ONE! Your time is UP!"
Christopher says. 

"Lily, can you please bring up your creation," Mrs Patches says.

"It smells good, but let's see how it tastes! Mmmmmm, that meringue is yummy!" Mrs Patches says.

"Now it's you, Juniper,"

"I must say, it looks rather nice. Wow! That's a really good fruitcake!" Wisteria says.

"It's you, Buck!" Wisteria says.

 "Wow, that's a really rich chocolate flavour! Well done!" 

"And finally, Heather!" Mrs Patches says.

"What a nice, creamy sponge, and that flavour of peach is yummy!!" Christopher says.

"Now we have to make a decision. We shall be back in a moment," Christopher says. 

All of the contestants have done their best-but only one will win...

"It has been a very hard decision, but a decision we have to make," says Mrs Patches. "The 2015 Great Sylvanian Bake-Off Champion is...


"Juniper well done and well done to everybody else - it was a tough choice," Wisteria says.

Juniper Moss - 2015 Bake-Off Champion!!