Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bluebell Cottage review

Bluebell Cottage has always been special to me. And not entirely in a good way. It started in Christmas 2013...  

I was shopping in my local Tesco ( type of supermarket ) and I noticed they had Sylvanians. At the time, I didn't have the Blackcurrant Café or Bluebell Cottage. I thought I would get one of them, but I didn't know which one to get. I eventually chose the Blackcurrant Café because it came with furniture unlike Bluebell Cottage. To make the two sets better value Tesco had added a figure in the box. The figure for the B Café was Teri Chocolate. The figure for B Cottage was a nameless brown mouse sister and desk and chair.

 A year later I realised that had made terrible choice. The brown mouse sister was a fairly uncommon EasyBuy figure. I had been kicking myself ever since. Until now...

When I opened the box I saw this leaflet inside:

So I was VERY lucky when I found it on eBay. 

The mouse sister is adorable!

I have named her Heather Hazelwood. Here is the house in Hazelnut Hollow:

Overall, a lovely looking building, and just a great addition to my collection!

Next post: Nettlefield Family Profile!


  1. I agree, this building is beautiful :) And what luck for you, finding the EB sister with the house! :D

    1. Keep tuned for some more openings/reviews of some TOMY sets;).....

  2. Bluebell Cottage is such a lovely building! :)
    And I agree - the brown mouse girl is so cute! Will you get the whole family?
    Looking forward to the next post :)