Saturday, 30 August 2014

Madeline's boutique review

Today I wanted to give you a review of Madeline's Boutique as I found it on eBay sealed and mint in the box.
The box has some lovely artwork on all the sides.

The figure you get is of course Madeline Merryweather herself.
She has a beautiful tail
and her clothes are the same style as the dress worn by Victoria Truffle.
It's the pinkiest Sylvanian set I've ever seen.
I love the detail down to the red lovehearts printed on the sides of the mirror.
It also includes lovely dresses.
Overall I highly recommend this set to any fan. 

Don't forget to look out for the next story, calamity in the cake shop!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Conservatory review

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while I've been busy :D

I think the conservatory is a lovely set and goes beautifully with any house.
It is very ornate:

The two feather-like pieces have to be attached.

It also comes with some lovely furniture and all you need for afternoon tea.
I have added the JP garden set and the village flower stall.
I love this set and so do my Sylvanians! 

Coming soon: cake shop catastrophe! 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Creature from the Canal

One lovely summers morning on the roof of the canal boat, Tristan and Morgan Columbus decided to play a game. " how about we play 'who can throw the hat the furthest',"said Tristan.
First went Morgan.
Tristan threw it so far it ended up in the water.
" I'll get it," he said.
Morgan went to tell her parents about the hat.
When they came back he had gone.
" He's probably gone for a swim," said mother Doris." He'll be back soon."
Time passed and Tristan still hadn't come back.
It was now evening. Doris and Morgan had one last check to see if he was back.
" Look, I thought I saw something move over there!" She said.
"I don't see anything at all." Said Doris.
And sure enough, there was nothing there.
"Look, over there!" She said taking her mother's paw.
But nothing was there.
" I though I heard something on the roof!" Morgan said.
They checked." Something's been here." Said Doris. "I thought I saw something over there," said a scared Morgan. Nothing was there.
"Lawrence and I shall search for Tristan whilst you go to your bed," said Doris firmly. Morgan couldn't sleep that night. What if an evil swamp monster had eaten him!? She was sure it was a monster.
She got dressed and brushed her teeth.
She then climbed into a rowing boat and set out to find the creature that had eaten Tristan.
She was sure she saw a shadow reflected in the water. When she put the oar down for the sixth time, she heard a 'clunck' like sound followed by an 'oooouch' noise. Then a familiar face came out of the water.  "TRISTAN!!" Exclaimed Morgan. "There wasn't a monster after all!"
When they got back on board the canal boat everybody was so glad he was back.
" how about we celebrate with some. Fish and chips!" Said Doris. 
                                                     The end!!     

Friday, 8 August 2014

Sylvanian games closing ceremony

Welcome to the closing ceremony of the sylvanian games. First off we have the mayor's speech.
Grace  Cheshire did some singing and Kelly Bassett played the piano.
Then Kenneth and Emma Furbanks did a requested performance of ' Dracula'. Poor Emma got bitten!!
Also, Jane and Justina did some music and dancing.
Then the charcoals arrived!!
They had come to see how it was done as they were the mayors of Babblebrook Bay ( the 2015 host).
Jane and Justina Apple-Blossom were so popular they set up a dance class

next door to Christopher Apple-Blossom's bakery so Chris could give them freshly baked bread if needed! 

So that is the end of the Sylvanian games 2014. 
Watch out for the next story: The Creature from the Canal!