Friday, 27 February 2015

Happy (late) Chinese New Year!!!!

I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so soo sooo soooo sooooo soooooooooooooo sorry for being so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so soo sooo soooo sooooo sooooooooooooo-
-ooooooooo late. Anyway, happy Chinese New Year!!!

As it is the year of the sheep/goat, the Dales and Nettelfields helped the pupils of St John's School make a fabulous Chinese Dragon. 

  There was a big parade with Emily Bramble leading the way.

I think all Sylvanian Fans should enjoy Chinese New Year especially because all of the Sylvanians are...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!  

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Elephant Emergency part 2

Previously we have seen: Elmer Trunk falling from the Lavender Tea Rooms... this really the end of the elephant baby we all know and love!!!???? For the sake of Elmer Trunk, read on...

Savannah shrieked in terror as Elmer plummeted closer and closer towards the end of such a short life. However Rosemary Bouquet, who was coming out of Mr Appleblossom's bakery, did not waste any time in trying to prevent certain death. 

Sensing that she was going to do something, everybody moved back as "CCCRRRAAAAASSSHHHHHHHH"! Rosemary had rammed her self into the table, sending everything flying.

The parasol fell over but landed upside-down. Just in time, Elmer fell straight into upturned parasol, surprisingly, giggling!!!! 

Everyone crowded round to see him. Savannah rushed down, along with Wanda, to see if Elmer was ok. Luckily, he was.

Savannah ran over to Rosemary and hugged her. "Thank you soooooo much!!!!! How can I EVER repay you!!!!??????" "There's no need to repay me! I just did what any true friend would do!" said Rosemary, blushing a little. "How about the three of us can have tea together next time!?" asked Wanda. "Yes, certainly!!" 

Fortunately Rosemary's husband, Stilton Bouquet and his friend, Rocky Babblebrook where on paw. They fixed up the broken panel and made sure a similair accident wouldn't happen again.

A couple of hours later, after the trauma, Wanda sat down and had a rest.  "I'll never forget this day!" said Wanda.

 The elephants went back home and all the shops were being shut. Once everybody left the Main Street, everything was silent. Well, almost silent. Silent, apart from the HUGE SNORING NOISE. You may have wondered where the Sylvanian policeman, PC Bobby Roberts was while all the excitement was going on. Well, the answer is, because there is never any crime in Sylvania, PC Bobby Roberts spends all his time time eating cakes and sleeping. You see he should I put this?)... um... COMFORTABLY PLUMP. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Elephant Emergency part 1

"Oh, beautiful afternoon, isn't it?!" said Wanda Waddlington, the mayor's wife. She and her friend Savannah Trunk had decided to have a nice afternoon tea in The Lavender Tea Rooms. They choose to meet each other at the main entrance to the John Lewis Department Store. Savannah had brought her baby boy, Elmer Trunk, with her. "Yes, the sun is really shining!" replied Savannah. 

They sat down and ordered their cakes. As a special treat, Savannah ordered Elmer a small chocolate ice cream. Then Mr Maces came with the food.

Elmer was so happy with his ice cream that the tried to wriggle out of the high-chair to give his mummy a hug. Unfortunately whilst wriggling he knocked over the ice cream.

"Oh dear, I'd better go and ask for another one. Could you please look after him for a moment, Wanda, I'll just be a moment!" cried Savannah.

Whilst Savannah was away, Elmer tried to follow her. He knocked over the table which sent everything crashing. Poor Wanda leant down to see if he was alright. 

Savannah heard the crash and rushed over. Whilst doing so she tripped over the step and skidded along the floor, banging into the table which pushed Elmer along until... BANG!!! 

The force of the table pushed Elmer into one of the panels of the bay window, causing the panel to swing outwards: with Elmer hanging on the end. "MUMMEEEE!"squealed little Elmer. 

Savannah reached out to save Elmer.... But she was to late. For something happened on this day. Something that would change the Trunk family forever. Just like a bar of soap into a bath, or a twig into a lake,       Elmer,      dropped......


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Neptune family profile/review

Today I decided to open a new family, so I opened the Neptune sea otters. Did you know you can get a FREE Neptune Sea Otter family over at the great SSK Shop if you spend £60.00 or more although for a limited time so look at their Sylvanian Storekeepers website.

Let me tell you all about them...

Mother Narrisa 

Narrisa Neptune is a gardener. She is famous for her white roses and sunflowers. She also makes lovely jams and pies and sauces with all of the fruit and vegetables she grows. Her children's favourite is her crumbly apple pie.

Father Caspian

Caspian Neptune loves being by the sea. He tells his family stories about his adventures when he was a young sea otter. In the winter, because the sea is all frozen up, he has a part-time job in the country market selling herbs his wife grows for him.

Sister Shelly

Shelly Neptune is a very friendly sea otter who loves going shopping with her friends. At the annual school Christmas Fair she has a small stand selling fruit and flowers her mum grows and makes a lot of money for charity. She always tries to help her mum with the gardening once she has finished all of her school homework.

Little Sister Sandy

Sandy Neptune is a fun loving, active little girl. Everybody refers to her as 'one active otter', which she certainly is. She saves up her pocket money every week and at the end of each month spends it on whatever she wants. This month she choose a windmill toy.

Thanks for reading:)