Friday, 31 October 2014

The ghost of Hazelnut Hollooooooooooooow!

"I am so excited about Halloween!" exclaimed Andrea Osborne. "So am I!" giggled her best friend. 
" argghhhhhhhhh!" shrieked Andrea, her paw pointing towards a white floating thing. It was hiding behind the trees.
"Ghost!!!!" screamed Andrea as she rushed up to PC Bobby Roberts to tell him the scary news.
PC Roberts snuck up behind the ghost and wrestled with it. To Andrea's astonishment, the ghost fell to the ground. She had expected PC Bobby Roberts to go right through it.
"Owww," mumbled the ghost. As Andrea looked closer, she realised the ghost was not what it seemed. "Oh, I am so terribly sorry Mr Honeybear," cried PC Roberts."We thought you were a ghost!" 
"Thank you so much!" said Horace. Andrea was confused, she thought Mr Honeybear would a bit angry but instead he was thanking them! "You see, I was looking for a bee that had escaped but my ankle got caught on a thorny bush and I couldn't get it out. Luckily, you pulled me down and got my foot out of the bush!" explained Horace Honeybear. "Here is a free jar of honey for helping me!" 

Happy Halloween to you all! 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Pettyfurs' Party

One dark afternoon, there was lots of noise in Hazelnut Hollow. The reason is because today is Halloween. Every year, a different family organises the Halloween party. This year it was the Pettyfurs who had to organise the party. Everybody was busy getting into their outfits. Rocky and Crystal Babblebrook helped carry the benches and tables whilst Euston Barrington and Victoria Truffle got the food and drinks ready.
Sylvanians started to gather round the tables, looking at what to choose. Some of the shops were decorated with banners and bunting. Everybody agreed that Christopher 
Apple-blossom may have taken it a bit far.
It was great! The Chocolate rabbits were there,
and so were the Bamboo siblings with their best friend Emily Bramble.
Mr Osborne had made some of his witches' brandy which was famous throughout all Sylvania!
Charlie and Bonnie Moss liked the look of dunking for apples.
Juniper Moss, Hamish McWalkies and Hollie Wildwood chose which healthy piece of fruit to have.
The whole Bullrush family was there and Moses was even in his spooky pumpkin outfit.
There was also some milk, of course, provided by none other than Mr Webster.
Finally it was time for the Pettyfurs' speech.
It was a great time and everybody loved it. I hope you did to! Happy Haloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Adventures of Sylvanian Families cassette review

I would like to review something ELSE I got at the Sylvanian Shop : THE ADVENTURES OF SYLVANIAN FAMILIES which is a cassette featuring two stories.
I have listened to them each twice.
 Yes, I do have a cassette player ( it feels really out of date when I listen to it ). It looked like the shop had limited stock so if you happened to be going there and you have a cassette player, I suggest you pick one up.
The first story was 'the great Sylvanian flood' in which the Vandykes had to save Captain Horatio Seadog and his motly crew from a huge flood. The second story, 'the day Edward Hedges asked a very important question' was very sweet and was about Edward Hedges finding the courage to ask Primrose Marmalade if she would marry him.
The tape was in imaculate condition for how old it was. Thanks for reading and look out for the next story coming: The Pettyfurs' Party!

Friday, 17 October 2014

A very special review

The reason this is a special review is because I am going to review something Sylvanian that you cannot buy. 
Welcome to the review of The Sylvanian Families Shop in London. It is filled head- to toe in all kinds of things from EU, UK, JP and even Calico Critters. I bought 12 things. 


When I went, Rocky Babblebrook and Belinda Brighteyes were there. They were very, very kind and helped me to choose what to buy.


The shop is situated on the peaceful Mountgrove Road and is a short walk from Arsenal Underground Station. 

Here is what I bought: 

Rocky Babblebrook also gave me some old magazines he found for free!

I was super excited to see a JP 20th anniversary Ernest Evergreen sealed unopened in the box. He was also the last one! 

I was amazed at how they even had old vintage TOMY.

I adore the sweet bags with Cottontail rabbit faces on them.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend the shop to you. It's also the only one in the world!

                        Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Hazelnuts' holiday

It was a warm, bright morning in Hazelnut Hollow and the Hazelnut's were up bright and early.
It was a very exciting day because they were going on a holiday to Babblebrook Bay.
The woodland bus came just in time. Olive and Stan Butler welcomed them on board.
It was around a 3 hour bus trip.
They passed a sign which said 'Welcome to Babblebrook Bay.' When the bus arrived at the Babblebrook Bay Hotel Mr Cheshire the Butler was waiting for them.
They waved at the bus as it drove off. "May I take your luggage sir?" asked Mr Cheshire. "Why, yes please!" replied Sydney.
When they went up to the reception, Mrs Simpkins gave Mona her room key.
Mr Cheshire showed them to their room and left their suitcases by the door.
They went straight to bed.
It had been a very long journey and Odette was exhausted.
They were up bright and early and went down to the breakfast hall.
There were so many yummy things to choose from. Odette had a hard time choosing whether to have a scone or a slice of chocolate cake so she just had one of each.
She wiped her mouth with a napkin.
Then the were off! They came out of the hotel and walked to the nearest bus stop. They were going to a special guided tour of the Mayor's office ( which Mona had booked in advance).
When they arrived, Mr Brighteyes was  ready to take them on the tour.
It was fascinating. There was even a timeline of all the Mayors of Babblebrook Bay, starting from Barry Babblebrook all the way to Mason Charcoal.
They went back to the hotel for a delicious three-course meal.
The Hazelnut's did lots of lovely things over the course of the week.

On Sunday, they had to go back home. They waved goodbye to all the staff and got on the Woodland Bus.
They waved until Babblebrook Bay was just a mere speck in the distance. Odette would miss Babblebrook Bay but after all, there's no place like home.