Friday, 30 October 2015

Happy Hazelnut Hollow Hallowe'en

I don't think there is any word in the English language that can describe how sorry I am for not posting in months. Something happened that caused a shortage of time.

 Anyway, I knew something was going to happen, and so did Hazelnut Hollow...

All of Hazelnut Hollow was decorated in scary banners and decorations.

The McWalkies were having a spooky dinner before they out to Trick or Treat. 

It was a dark dark evening. Hazelnut Hollow could sense something was coming.  Something big. Something scary.  Something scarily big. 
Then, it arrived......

It was PC Bobby Roberts' stomach. "Happy Hallowe'en everybody!!" PC Bobby Roberts said, hastily taking a cupcake and gobbling it down. "It's the time of year for telling jokes and eating sweets & cakes!"  "Well, you've eaten your cakes and sweets, so where is your joke?" Mrs Merryweather said bitterly.

"All right, all right. Why didn't the skeleton go to the festival? Because he had no body to go with!" he said. Everybody laughed. "Good night kids, have a great Halloween!" And with that, he took another two cupcakes and left.

PC Bobby Roberts was sure he heard something coming from round the corner. He froze. He couldn't move. Standing in front of him were a group of spooky monsters!! He fell unconscious before he could even realise they were just trick or treaters! 

The End <|):>.   Xx

If you were out Trick or Treating then tell me what things you got!!

 That's all for now...

But stay tuned for a new detective mystery two-part story starring PC Bobby Roberts      -

       The Great Sylvanian Robbery!!!!!!