Friday, 30 January 2015

A quick update

Wow, I'm so sorry I am not doing as many posts as I normally do. I am likely to be moving Hazelnut Hollow somewhere else in my house. We ( myself and another member of my family ) were thinking of having the village, instead of being on ground level, putting it on some kind of table. We were also thinking of having a cobblestone effect and some grass (obviously fake) as the surface of ground. I would also like to have more of a play area for the pupils of St John's School. Anyway, that's the plan, and here's a photo of The Country Clinic:)

Monday, 19 January 2015

The picnic

"What about here?"asked Victoria Truffle one sunny and surprisingly warm morning. The Truffle family were going for a picnic in Hazelnut Meadow. "Yes, this is the perfect spot to have our picnic!"said 

They opened up the hamper and,  much to the babies' delight, it was filled with lots of yummy cakes and biscuits! The smell of chocolate wafted out of the hamper. 

They laid everything out on the blanket and tucked in. There was so much to choose from! 

Once everybody was quite full, they packed up and tried to squeeze everything into the hamper. 

Eustace had to sit on the hamper to get it shut! 

For a while they lay under the tree for some cool shade. 

"Do you want me to read you a story?"asked Victoria. "Yay!"squealed an excited but tired Charlie.
"Ok then,...." She was about to start reading the book but she realised that there was no need for her to. Eustace and Victoria laughed. The triplets were already fast asleep!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Surprise building review

Well, now it's time to unveil the surprise building:

Yep, you guessed it,- THE JOHN LEWIS DEPARTMENT STORE!!!  This set was exclusive to, obviously, John Lewis stores. I, have bought many of my Sylvanian families in the store nearest to me. It is very big and has a LOT of stickers ( which isn't a bad thing ). This is just the review of the set, I am planning another proper story about the set. The story is going to have two parts to it, part 1 ending with a cliffhanger. 

As you can see on the back of the box, the top floor can be removed to create two separate buildings. The top floor is a café, apparently called 'THE PLACE TO EAT' I think I will give it another name like 'The Lavender Tea Rooms' or something like that.

One side of the café has lots of ice creams on display and where they make the food. On the other side, a nice curved bay window with lots of windows letting plenty of light in and excellent views over Hazelnut Hollow. The customers are loving their ice creams. Mr Maces the mouse even comes with the waiter outfit and a nice tray to carry drinks.

Moving down a level, you can see the lovely serving-window set-up with a juice counter. The bright juice really bring some colour to the building, especially from the outside.

On the inside, you can see Mrs Maces serving fresh juice to Sonny Barker the Labrador. The shelves behind Mrs Maces were a bit of a pain to set up, but are well worth the struggle. There is melon, orange and strawberry juice. Note that that the fruit in the blender does not actually come with the set, I just added them in.

On the other side, we have the actual 'department store' part itself. It is very colourful and has lots of interesting elements, such as this station where you can choose paper to wrap presents with.

Probably my favourite thing out of the whole entire set has to be this totally awesome mini Lakeside Lodge dollhouse. I just totally love the table and chairs, which are actually protruding from the wall behind them.

The back is a bit plain, but I suppose it would be in real life! I like it when they do miniature Sylvanian 
                                                                                            houses and things.                                                                                       

Here's a look at the other side. It has some nice adverts for products you can actually buy IN store!

Also included is an outdoor set of table and chairs with a parasol to keep the ice creams cool.

From the front the building looks fantastic. Now you can see the mini tea room beside the entrance and the glass window showing off a nice orange dress and some toys. 

There's even an 'open/closed' sign hanging on the door. Postman Sam is collecting mail from the box.

The final verdict

I think you should buy this set if you see it somewhere cheap on the internet. Unfortunately it has been discontinued but some stores still have a couple left in stock. What do you think?

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Treefellow Family Profile

Once again, sorry for the delay. I have been very busy setting up a surprise building for you. I'm sure you'll love it. Anyway, let's get on with the reason I posted today...

Father Aristotle

Aristotle Treefellow (MR Treefellow to his pupils) is the teacher at St John's School.  He's that kind of teacher where if they get angry, they get really angry and if they're happy, they're REALLY happy.
He loves taking his class on nature walks in the forests. He often goes along the canals with his friend, Captain Seadog who has a canal boat called 'Grace'. 

Mother Arabella

 Everybody loves Arabella Treefellow. She helps out children in class when then they are finding something tricky. Arabella is always smiling and has even set up an after-school drama club. She HAS to be one of the happiest Sylvanians in ALL of Sylvania.

Brother Blinky

Blinky Treefellow has always got a book in his wings. He's a bit of a clumsy owl, because he's to busy reading and doesn't pay enough attention to where he's going. He is often found lying asleep on a chair in the school dining hall with a book over his face.

Brother Winky

Winky loves astronomy and spends most of his time looking out at the sky. He likes drawing the symbols of the zodiac and his bedroom is painted like space. He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. OWLS IN SPACE!!!!!

Brother Grumpy

Grumpy Treefellow is, yes, you guessed it, is always grumpy. Whenever he doesn't get something, he throws a big, owly, fit. Aristotle gets quite fed up with it all whereas Arabella, who always looks on the bright side, doesn't mind. One time, when his pencil broke, he stood in the corner of the classroom grumbling and whining and shouting.


Friday, 2 January 2015

A Happy New Year from Hazelnut Hollow

Once again, sorry for the delay. You see, I couldn't concentrate because of all of the laughing and shouting and music coming from where Santa's Grotto used to be. Of course, it couldn't stay as Santa's Grotto all year! The Sylvanian children decided to have a New Year's Party there.

They started off with 'Pass the Parcel'. It was very fun indeed. 

Then they had a snack of biscuits and juice. All of the biscuits were home-made by Clarice Bamboo's mum, Alexandria.

They also played a game of 'Hide and Seek'. It was very easy for the 'seeker' because there were very little places to hide.

Finally, they finished the party with a big dance!

                                                   Happy new year!!!!!!!!!

   *Would you like me to start another blog about my other HUGE hobby ( collecting amazingly cute 
    cuddly animals toys)? (I have at least EIGHTY of them!)

                                                     *PLEASE REPLY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW!!!