Thursday, 25 September 2014

My first ever post.

Hello everybody,This my first post. here is a picture of my sylvanian families village: Hazelnut Hollow!
Here is a list of all the types of Sylvanian animals I have : EU kangaroos,flair treefellow owls, flair snow-warrens, bullrush frogs, trunk elephants, blackberry rabbits, flair waddlington ducks,webster ducks, moss reindeer, hazelwood mice, waters beavers, Columbus sea-rabbits, buttercup cows, Renard foxes, whiskers cats, Harvey cats, Osborne bears, babblebrook rabbits, butler bears, dale sheep, hazelnut dormice, Roberts badgers, truffle wild boars, seadogs, underwood badgers, marmalade bears, buttermilk rabbits, petite bears, nettlefield goats, tailbury dogs, beagle dogs, chocolate rabbits, Hamilton hamsters, sparkle rabbits, patches dogs, barker dogs, honey bears, simpkins cats, Cheshire cats, basset dogs, DeBurg penguins, pettyfur guinea pigs, maces mice, redwood red pandas, bamboo  pandas, mulberry raccoons, dappledawn fawn rabbits and silk cats. Thank you all for reading!!!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Farm shop & beekeeper and beehive review

I decided to do 2 reviews today.

I have spent my afternoon working on the next story coming.
Part 1

The farm shop is a lovely little stall selling fruit and veg down at Highfields Farm.

I'm not quite sure why on the back of the box it says Dotty Buttercup's most popular item is honey because this set doesn't include any honey!
(Maybe it was so popular she ran out of stock?)
It comes with a beautiful selection of farm foods and lots of barrels to contain them in.

My favourite thing about this set is that it comes with Dotty Buttercup.
I love her bow.

Part 2
Finally we have Horace Honeybear and his bees.

Anybody sure why it is called slyvanian honey?
This is my first Honeybear figure and is very sweet.
The honeycomb-boardy-thingy is textured and the three all slot into the hut perfectly.
He is right at home outside the conservatory.
Here are the two beside each other. 

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and look out for the next story: the Hazelnut's holiday!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cake shop review

I have decided to review the cake shop as I have not done much updating to my blog lately. 

The cake shop is the smallest of the shopping /eating buildings and is certainly worth the price. Unfortunately this lovely set has been discontinued but it has been replaced by the new Epoch sweets store.

It is decorated by stickers on the inside AND the outside.

This proves how terrible I am at putting on stickers. It's squint! The only problem I have with this shop is that the boxes are especially tricky to fold.
 The roof is a bit odd but I still do like it.
It comes with nice cakes
and is even equipped with cute little bags to carry biscuits in!
What should Charlie and Bonnie Moss choose?

Coming soon: farm shop & beekeeper and beehive review.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Calamity in the cake shop

It was a bright, sunny afternoon and Kane and Clarice Bamboo were returning to their parents at the cake shop.
They had done art and gym at school.
Unfortunately, a biscuit had fallen off a tray unnoticed.
Kane slipped on it and banged into his dad who banged into his wife who banged into the table which banged into the cakes which got squashed on the floor.
It was utter chaos. Luckily Ken Golightly was there as he had bought his daughter a lollipop.
He helped tidying everything up.
" thank you so much Mr Golightly," said the Bamboos. "don't worry! It's a pleasure. Accidents happen". 

Coming soon : cake shop review