Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Merry Christmas from Hazelnut Ho-Ho-Ho-Hollow

First, I would like to say sorry for the delay of this post. I have been so busy with Christmas and all of that sort of stuff. I sincerely hope you have had a wonderful Christmas with lots of food and presents and all things nice. But now, let me take you to the Babblebrook Bay Hotel where the Huckleberry Hound Dog family are beginning to wake up in their rooms. The children, Esme and Dennis, are sharing a room together. Their mother and father are doing the same. You see, they won a competition and the prize was a week in the hotel with a special Christmas Lunch. The Babblebrook Bay Hotel was meant to be closed over the winter holidays but ever so kindly, Basil Hazelwood, the chef, gave up his holidays and opened hotel up for them. Now isn't that the true Christmas Spirit,?

"Oooohhhhaaaarrrgggghhhh!" yawned Hatty Huckleberry. She had just got out of bed. Her lazy husband was still snoring in their bed.

She had to get ready for the big day. It was CHRISTMAS day!!! She put on her lipstick,

Then brushed her fur,

And finally put some makeup under her eyes.

Then, with one huge sneeze, Hubert woke up.

"Go and comb your fur dear, don't forget to brush behind your ears!" piped Hatty.

 "What time is it?" yawned Hubert. 

"Twelve o'clock." tutted Hatty.

"I feel like another nap," moaned Hubert.

"Don't be ridiculous honey, I was awake at half nine!" 

"You go and check on the kids while I have a nap in the lounge." 

"Oh!! Hhhrrgghhh!! Why do I BOTHER!!" mumbled Hatty angrily.

Hubert went with a blanket and lay down on the sofa. The lazy old lump!

 Hatty went to get the children from their room. "Hello dearies!" chanted Hatty. "How did you two get on together?"

 "We were fine," said Esme. "But we woke up in the middle of the night because of a loud snoring noise coming from somewhere." Dennis reminded Esme. "Oh dear, that must have been your father. He was snoring all night," fussed Hatty. "Shall we see if he's awake yet? He's snoozing in the lounge."
"Again?" cried Dennis.

When they arrived at the lounge, they found that whilst he was sleeping, Hubert had rolled off the sofa.
"You are silly, father," remarked Esme. 


It was time for the big Christmas Dinner. There was lots of food and cakes laid out on a table.

There was so much to eat and drink. Hatty is quite full.

Hatty doesn't believe in Santa. But we know Santa's real, don't we?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

School Nativity Play

The pupils of St John's School have been extremely busy over the last few weeks rehearsing for their Nativity play.

Stephanie Clearwater, the vole daughter is playing the role of Mary and Clive Billabong is Joseph. Cybil Clearwater, Stephanie's mother, kindly made the costumes.

Juniper Moss volunteered to bring in her teddy as baby Jesus. 

                                                                    *  *  *

The performance started. The lights went out and music began to play. Everybody sang 'Starry Night' and then the show began.

Mark Maces was a rich gentleman. The three owlets, Grumpy, Winky and Blinky were the three wise men. At the end, they all sang 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'.

                  Merry Christmas!!

Street Market review

I opened the street market yesterday,( today is a Saturday) so I decided to do a review of it.

It is quite an uncommon set. I got mine from the Sylvanian Families shop, London. They still have some in stock so I suggest you buy one from them. My Billabong koala family are running it.

The good thing about this set is that you can have it on display during any time of the year. Here is the front of the box:

Note that on the box most of the stickers are pink but once you open the box, the stickers are actually blue. Luckily I like the blue more than I like the pink. First, I will look at the toy cart.

It is filled with all kinds of toys. Teri Chocolate is looking for a Christmas gift for her little girl, Creme. Matilda Billabong likes pushing her toy wagon about.

It comes with a wooden puzzle,

and a mini picture theatre. 

Here are all the slides:

The crepe and waffle shop is absolutely adorable. 

It comes with three crepes, presumably vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

                                                             *   *   *

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? Here's a look at mine:

I think it looks better in the dark:

Thanks for reading. Coming soon: Bouquet family profile
                                                      School Nativity Play


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

What is your Sylvanian village up to? I have opened a ton of stuff I have been saving for Christmas. Look at how tall this box is compared to an adult figure!

 Some of my Sylvanians are going skiing on the hills.

 They are busy shopping at the winter market. 

The Grand opening of the Country Clinic was today. Poor Tristan Columbus has grazed his cheek and his leg is all bandaged up..

     Santa's Grotto is a huge success with all the babies.

                                                              Merry Christmas!!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Just Juniper

This is a birthday story for my mum. Her favourite character is Juniper Moss so this story is JUST about JUNIPER. This is a day in the life of Juniper Moss. My mum's birthday is the tenth of December and all her Christmas and birthday gifts from me are Sylvanian!

"Good morning honey," said a voice. It was Juniper's mum.

Juniper used all her strength to pull herself out of her bed. She'd had a lovely sleep.

"Good morning Buck," said Juniper as she sat down at the breakfast table. "Morning," replied Buck, yawning. "Your father will be away all day. He's very busy at the pizza parlour with all these Christmas orders and deliveries. I have the day off," sighed Rowena. For breakfast, Buck and Juniper had bread with jam and a mug of warm milk.

Juniper and Buck got dressed for school. "Bye bye children! Oh..and don't forget to buy some milk from Mr Webster!" waved Rowena.

Juniper noticed the blue cart of Mr Webster, but, Mr Webster wasn't pushing it. "Hello Mr Buttercup, may I ask where Mr Webster is?" asked Juniper.

"He's away selling milk at the winter circus. He'll be back soon though," replied Hornbull. "I would like a medium sized bottle of milk please," said Juniper. "Here you go," he said, handing her the bottle. "Bye Mr Hornbull," called Juniper.

 When the two arrived in the school playground, Juniper went rushing over to some friends to have a chat.

"Time for school," said Aristotle Treefellow, ringing the bell.

Everybody sat down in their seats. "Good morning class," said Aristotle. "Good morning Mr Treefellow," chimed the class.

This morning we are learning about times tables," said Aristotle, hopping onto a stool so he could reach the board. Aristotle is smaller than his pupils!! Aristotle went through all the times tables, asking the pupils the answers.

 During playtime, Juniper and Buck played on the swings. Juniper loves swings.

Then it was science. Juniper had to write things down in her jotter. Science was not Juniper's strongest point.

When the lunch bell rang, Juniper sighed a sigh of relief to herself.

When she was lining up for lunch, her best friend, Frances Robinson, joined the line behind her. "Oh, look! It's stew for lunch today!" squealed Frances.

"I love stew!" cheered Juniper. "I would like vegetable stew, please," said Juniper. "Here you go Juniper, have a nice day!" said Mrs Patches the dinner lady.

Juniper sat with Frances and they had lunch together.

Then the two played a game of 'hide and seek'. Can you spot Juniper in this picture? Tell me in the comments where she's hiding.

After lunch Aristotle announced that the class would be going on a nature lesson in the conservatory. Juniper cheered.

She loved nature! Frances was her partner. They loved the smell of the flowers. 

"Doo-ni-pa an buk!" squealed Charlie and Bonnie Moss. Rowena laughed. "Here's the milk mum," said Juniper, handing the bottle to her. "Thank you darling, I'll show you what that was for later," she said mysteriously. 

Buck and Juniper sat down to have dinner. Juniper had a croissant and Buck had a burger.

Then Rowena came in carrying a massive berry meringue cake and put it on the table. "Tuck in! This is what the milk was for!" laughed Rowena. "I needed it to make the topping!"

 After everybody had a slice of the delicious cake, Juniper went straight to bed. "Night night mummy," said Juniper, softly. "Night night dear," replied Rowena.

                                                                     The end