Thursday, 31 July 2014

The second day of the games!

First up for this day we have the relay race.
The blue team just beat the red team.
Next we have the javelin.

Francis Redwood beat Nellie Trunk.

The cheerleaders were cheering like mad!
Then we have the discus.
Mr Brighteyes blew the whistle and off they went!!
This time Nellie Trunk beat Francis Redwood
and last but not least we have the long jump with Joanne Springer and the Bamboo children.
Joanne beat them!
More games coming soon!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The First Full Day of Fun!

It was the first full day of the Sylvanian games.

First up we have Katy Norwood and Jessica Buckley with the sack race. Katy just beat Jessica. Then we have the egg and spoon race with Barry Periwinkle and Jocelyn Springer.
Poor Barry dropped his egg.
Here are the two winners!
Last but not least we have the high jump. First up is Molly McBurrows.
Unfortunately she knocked the pole over. Then it was Lily Charcoal who also knocked it over.
Finally it was Joycelyn Springer again. She, however did not knock it over.
Her cousin was ecstatic!
     Jocelyn won!!!  
More coming soon!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sylvanian Games Grand Opening and First Events

It was the day of the Sylvanian Games grand opening ceremony.
First the children showed some of the sports they would be participating in.
Next, Grace Cheshire sang a lovely song,

then everybody joined in to the Sylvanian national anthem and last but not least, the Mayor's speech.
" I declare the Sylvanian Games open!!" he cried and with that, he cut the ribbon.
The children started off with running.
The crowd were cheering.
First place came Suraya Blackberry, second Christopher Tailbury and third Ron Barker.
Everybody had a relative who came to see them.
Even Captain Seadog came for his nephew Christopher.
There is more to come...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Traffic trouble

Aristotle Treefellow was angry.
In fact, very angry.
He was going to take class two on a special end of term outing to the hazelnut beach but as the Sylvanian games were coming to hazelnut hollow, the Mayor has created a games lane so the athletes could get to the venues quickly. Unfortunately the games lane created a huge traffic jam on the high street.
Aristotle Treefellow and his class had got on the woodland bus at half past nine and they had only moved an inch and it was now quarter past Ten.
Mr Waddlington was just going to move across into the games lane so he could get to his office quicker when PC Roberts stopped him.

" Sorry sir, I was under strict instructions from yourself that nobody was allowed in the games lane apart from athletes and no exceptions. You aren't an athlete sir," he said seriously."But I'M the MAYOR!!!!!," he said in a disgusted voice."THE GAMES HAVEN'T STARTED YET!!" 

Meanwhile in the country market tea room, grandmother Hazel and her granddaughter Rhianna were finishing their hot chocolate.
" We'd better leave now and go across to the village store for some biscuits," said Hazel. As she did so, she walked into the games lane by accident.
PC Roberts came over and said he would have to fine her £50!!! Mr Waddlington was shocked at this and told PC Roberts to get rid of the games lane.

" thank you ever so much Mr Waddlington. I always voted for you!" Said Hazel.
The people of hazelnut hollow lived happily ever after and class two had a lovely time at the beach.  The very next day, the Sylvanian Games arrived...

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Worry at the windmill

One afternoon, at the old mill, Grandmother marmalade received a call on her brand-new mobile phone.
" it doesn't work properly, it's too sensitive and I keep taking photos of the inside of my pocket by accident!!" She grumbled.
" hello, who is it?" "It's me, mum," it was granny marmalade's daughter Margot." could you perhaps babysit Chunky for me please? I'm going out with Maurice tonight," 
" certainly!! That's fine! Bring him round in fifteen minutes time!"she replied. Fifteen minutes later, they arrived.
" What do you think of my new dress, father?" Margot asked. " um...ur... ar... Lovely!" He said in not a 
very convincing voice. He neither knew nor cared about dresses. " I got it in a sale at the dress shop,"  she said. " I'll be back in one hour's time," she said.
 " I want to go up to the top of the windmill, Grandpa!" Squealed little chunky as soon as Margot had gone round the corner. Meanwhile,
Grandmother Clementine took off her glasses to look at something in a cooking magazine. " I'll just put these down here on the window ledge," she said to herself.
Unfortunately, they accidentally fell off the window ledge. " I can almost reach them," she mumbled to herself.
She was just about to grab them when a sail came round. That was when she realised her shawl was caught on the sail!!
Round and round and round she went! Eventually little chunky saw her and grabbed onto a sail.
But then he got caught too!
"Quincy!" shouted Clementine although it no use as her voice was hoarse. After many calls 
and shouts, Quincy eventually realised they were caught.
Although, he ended being caught also!
" it's an awful long way down!" Said Chunky.
"I've got an idea!" Exclaimed Clementine. "If I hang on to this washing line,I might be able to slow it down!"
She got a firm hold on the washing line and got it to hold on to the canal boat's wash line.
" I can't see!" Mumbled a poor Quincy from under some wet towels that had fallen on him.
Sadly for the poor bears, the sail was going too fast and the force of the sail caused the canal boat 
to crash into the windmill.
The washing line got all tangled up in the sails and they ground to a halt.
Captain Columbus announced that he would pull the line really quickly and that the sails would move really quickly too.
" 1...2...3...GO!!!," he shouted as he pulled the washing line and the sails whizzed round and round.
The bears fell off the sails and plunged into the water but they soon got back to land.
A couple of minutes later, Margot arrived to collect Chunky. "was he a good boy?" Asked Margot.
" Oh, yes he was a good boy," said Clementine."Why are you so wet darling?!" Exclaimed Margot." ohh, we just had some fun with the garden hose," said Clementine with a smile and she gave Chunky a little wink. It would be their little secret.
The end.

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