Friday, 21 August 2015

The Great Sylvanian Bake-Off Episode 5

It's the final of this year's Great Sylvanian Bake-Off, where finalists Juniper Moss, Lily Charcoal, Buck Moss and Heather Hazelwood will battle each other for the title of the "2015 Bake-Off champion". 

Let's go to the home of Buck and Juniper Moss...

"We wan' dem both to win!!!" say Juniper and Buck's baby brother and sister; Bonnie and Charlie.
"They have been working hard preparing their final bakes and I am sooo proud of them!!" Rowena Moss says.

" Although I'm not a big fan of cleaning up after them!"

   Next stop, Lily Charcoal's house! 

"Lily has been baking all the time, non stop! I'm so glad she's made it so far!" Says Lily's mum.

And finally, Heather Hazelwood's house!

"Heather has been working so hard!" Says Heather's dad. "Totally, we're so proud!" Her mum adds.

Judges Christopher Appleblossom and Mrs Patches are at the Babblebrook Bay Hotel. 
Let's join them...

"You are all here for one last time. We are not going to be the only judges today. Someone else is coming; Wisteria Wildwood," Christopher said. "In 1951, Wisteria won the first ever final of The Great Sylvanian Bake-Off," Mrs Patches said.

"She's coming now," Mrs Patches said, looking out of the window.

"Here she is now!" Christopher said. "Welcome Wisteria!"

"Today, we want you to make us... something BIG!," 

"I'm melting some butter and chocolate for my sauce," says Buck.

"Just putting in my meringues," Lily says.

"I'm mixing all my things together," Juniper says.

"In goes my cake!" Heather says.

"Your time is up in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and finally, ONE! Your time is UP!"
Christopher says. 

"Lily, can you please bring up your creation," Mrs Patches says.

"It smells good, but let's see how it tastes! Mmmmmm, that meringue is yummy!" Mrs Patches says.

"Now it's you, Juniper,"

"I must say, it looks rather nice. Wow! That's a really good fruitcake!" Wisteria says.

"It's you, Buck!" Wisteria says.

 "Wow, that's a really rich chocolate flavour! Well done!" 

"And finally, Heather!" Mrs Patches says.

"What a nice, creamy sponge, and that flavour of peach is yummy!!" Christopher says.

"Now we have to make a decision. We shall be back in a moment," Christopher says. 

All of the contestants have done their best-but only one will win...

"It has been a very hard decision, but a decision we have to make," says Mrs Patches. "The 2015 Great Sylvanian Bake-Off Champion is...


"Juniper well done and well done to everybody else - it was a tough choice," Wisteria says.

Juniper Moss - 2015 Bake-Off Champion!!